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You can only buy a shoes and feet here,
no wig, no doll, no clothes and other accessories!!!
~ ♥ ~
You can choose and order the feet and shoes for the doll made by Tina White here.
~ ♥ ~
To avoid reproduction of these items, shoes and feet can not be sold
than the owner of the doll made by Tina White.
If you pay them without having a doll,
your money will be returned with the deduction of their conversion.
~ ♥ ~
They can be blank or painted in the color of your choice.
Simply inform me of your choice in the message.
Before to pay, select the code:
you can find it in the menu: for example, "FB" or "SH"
~ ♥ ~
The shoes made of polyurethane resin with UV additive.
*** Note: UV additive is a component that slows the color change
and the physical degradation of the resin.
~ ♥ ~

* Ballerina feet - FB   (30 € )

* Ballet slippers - BS  (40 € )

* Sandals - S  (40 €)

* Shoes - SH  (40 €)

* BLUSH for feet - BF  (15€ ) 
* Paint for shoes - CS  (10 € )

Shoes and feet for BJD only for a doll made by Tina White

  • Shipping costs are not included in the price
    and will be indicated after your order, according to your address and your country.
    Estimated time for production about 1-2 months.
    Be sure to provide complete and correct information on the delivery address.

  • Buyers are responsible for all taxes
    customs and import that may apply.
    I do not accept cancellations.
    I will never send poor quality products to the customer.
    I do not agree to a refund or exchange.
    I am not responsible if your package arrives damaged or defective.
    But please contact me if you have any problems
    with your order

    I would like to thank you for following these rules.
    thank you for your understanding

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