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I'm a doll creator and passionate artist, dedicated to creating the most exclusive design for ball jointed resin dolls.

My dream since childhood was what I'm doing now. When you wish something very much, the whole universe works to realize your desire.

So my dream came true. I decided to make a doll as a gift for my daughter.

When I made my first doll, I realized it was the key to the door of a new and extraordinary world for me. Since then, I cannot stop creating.

This is not a simple adventure that fills me with happiness and disappointment. Sometimes I want to give up everything because I can not do anything. But this lasts only a few minutes. I have a new idea and I continue. I think I found my talent.

I understood this universe has so many mystery and it so attract me.

I create my dolls, I charge them with energy and love, and I understand their value is in this energy, which I can give them..

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